Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home Selling Process

Choose a listing agent: This is a no brainier, of course you are going to use MySecretAgent. The listing process is easy and effective. You will save thousands while getting the same exposure as a traditional agent. Call us to see how much you can save. 

Get Your home Ready To Sell: Prepare your home for sale by cleaning, decluttering and improving curb appeal. Remember, you only have one time to make a great first impression. Here are more tips on getting your home ready to sell. 

Pricing Your home: Pricing your home to sell is the most important step in a successful sale. Here are a few tips in setting up a listing price. 

Market Your Home: Put together your marketing campaign of how you are going to describe your home and what websites you are going to advertise on. With my MySecretAgent we feature your listing  on hundreds of websites including national sites such as Trulia and Zillow. 

Show Your Home: Make it easy to show your home and use a lockbox. This way agents are more inclined to show your home as they can do it on their buyer's schedule.

Review Purchase Offers/ Negotiate:  Look over the offer and contingencies. If the buyer's low balled you then don't be afraid to counter offer with the full listing price, if you are priced competitively. If you are priced right, prepare yourself for multiple offers.  

Open Title/ Escrow: Although it is suggested to open preliminary title before listing your home you can open title and escrow after mutually accepting a sales agreement. At this time make sure the earnest money is deposited and ask for a receipt for your records. 

Appraiser: Before the appraiser comes by clean the house. The first impression of a clean and tidy home will make the appraiser feel the home is worth the value of the sales price.  

Inspection: Ask the buyer's agent for a copy of the inspector's checklist. So you will know what items the inspector will want to see. 

Close the Deal: Remember to bring your ID to sign closing documents. 

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