Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Host Holiday Parties in Small Spaces

Here you are, in your studio or tiny one-bedroom apartment, and the holiday season has arrived. You'd love to throw a party -- just like your parents do every year in their big suburban house, with everyone from your cousin-in-law to your uncle's mechanic invited -- but how? You can do it -- if you just plan properly. Follow these tips and you'll be the host/hostess of the season, even in your small digs. Full Article

Type of Party: A dinner party works well in a small space. Invite only four to six people, which will keep the cooking manageable.

Preparing the Space: Move some furniture out of the living room to leave more space for guests to stand and chat. Put your end tables or bulky chairs in your bedroom and shut the door, then offer to take guests' coats and put them on your bed yourself.

Food: Don't serve food that needs to be prepared right before it's served; you won't have the elbow-room in your kitchen, and you'll have to attend to your hosting duties.