Friday, December 16, 2011

What is a Flat Fee Listing

A Flat Fee MLS listing is the modern way to sell your home. Listing with MySecretAgent, a top flat fee brokerage, gives sellers the advantage of saving thousands in commissions.  Flat Fee Listing Brokerage refers to the practice of a licensed real estate agent placing pertinent information about a property for sale on the MLS.   Every state requires a licensed agent to list a home on the MLS therefore giving traditional listing agents the upper hand. A flat fee brokerage will get you listed on the MLS without paying listing commission fees, saving on average of $12,000!

Not having to pay a listing commission can give a FSBO seller negotiation room in the listing price. This will create more traffic and leads in selling a home because it allows a seller to price better than their competition. In today’s market there are many advantages to listing with a flat fee brokerage. 

MySecretAgent, a Flat fee listing brokerage, will list a home the MLS giving sellers Internet exposure to local and national websites. Sellers have the option of receiving listing tools, like with a traditional agent, such as a keybox, CMA, directional signs etc.  Flat fee listing allows sellers to be in control of their listing. Besides, who knows a home better than the seller?

With a flat fee listing brokerage the seller is the primary contact to all real estate agents and potential buyers.  Sellers can make appointments to show there home based on their schedule and answer any question about their home.  Since owners know their home better than anyone else they will be able to answer questions, etc. In the result of an offer, the seller will negotiate with the buyer and/or the buyer’s real estate agent.  Not to worry, negations during this process seem scarier than it real is. When a seller does receive an offer please read our “What to do When I Receive An Offer” article, this will help organize the seller. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flat Fee Brokerage VS Traditional Listing Agent

Flat Fee Brokerage:
Listing your home with a flat fee brokerage, also known, as a discount brokerage is not much different than listing with a traditional agent.  Flat fee brokers will list your home on the MLS giving you the same internet exposure as a traditional agent. Most flat fee brokerages provide the same marketing tools as a traditional agent, all for a one time flat fee. Be cautious when comparing flat fee services, some of their less expansive packages will not include a listing on the local MLS, only on their website. All of MySecretAgent’s listing packages include a listing on the same MLS as traditional agents , giving you the same internet exposure. A traditional agent will do the same and not much more for 6%!  Using a flat fee listing broker the “for sale by owner” is in control of their listing 100% of the time. MySecretAgent allows all FSBO sellers to be in control of their listing 24 hours a day via an online account. They can change the price, photos, description, etc. at any time, handle showings by appointments, control access  and answer questions about the property. Who knows a home better than the owner? Is this work worth 6%? We at MySecretAgent don’t think so!  Any homeowner selling their own home can handle this with the help of listing on the MLS with

Traditional Listing Agent:
How many of you had agents promise they can sell your home better than the next? When they did get your listing you were not getting the result they promised. Yes, they may have a different approach to marketing within their network, but the main tool they use is the MLS. When a traditional agent, as well as a discount brokerage gains your listing they place it on the MLS. The MLS plays a huge role in both the flat free broker as well as the traditional agent’s network and marketing. 

A traditional agent’s main goal is to list your home on the MLS to expose your home to other agents and buyers, leading them to show your home and eventually buy it. If another agent brings a buyer, the 6% commission is split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.  For example, on a $200,000 property  $12,000 is paid to both agents involved (6% commission), even if a buyer contacts you directly.

The listing agent will list your home on the MLS, place a yard sign in your front yard, host 1-2 open houses, and assist in the paperwork. Most sellers are capable and feel comfortable doing this on their own. State laws require a licensed agent to list a property on the MLS, therefore giving traditional agents the upper hand.  When analyzing the role of a traditional agent it is hard to justify paying thousands in commissions when you can get the same result listing with a flat fee broker such as MySecretAgent, a top discount broker.

MySecretAgent:, a top discount real estate brokerage, allows savvy home owners to sell their home without paying the 3% listing commission fee, maximizing local and national internet exposure through the MLS (State Accredited Multiple Listing Service), and stay in control of the home selling process. provides the tools and customer service to FSBO sellers (For Sale By Owner) that will effectively sell a home and maximize the owner’s equity.

Check out the comparison chart showing the differences and similarities of a flat fee brokerage versus a traditional agent with one BIG difference: the amount you save with a flat fee broker is significant! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tips on Listing your Home By Owner

Selling your home on your own may seem daunting but with the right guidance you will be able to do it better than an agent! Below are a few tips on listing your home with MySecretAgent, a top flat fee brokerage.

  • Exterior- Make sure your home has curb appeal. You only have one time to make a great first impression. Make sure the leaves are raked and gutters are clean.
  • Interior- Stage each room to show off its features. De-clutter all rooms to make them appear larger. Here are more tips on staging rooms. 
  • Price- Pricing your home right is key. If your home is priced right it will sell. To deterime the right price of your home call MySecretAgent for a free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
  • List- Once you made sure your home is ready to sell it is time to list with MySecretAgent. You can list in one easy step online. We offer 24 hour access to a secure online account that allows traditional home sellers and FSBO sellers to be in control of their listing. Our sellers may manage the price, photos, description, etc to their listing through our innovative website.
  • MLS- One your home is listed on the MLS MySecretAgent will email your your MLS#. Being listed on the MLS will give you local and national Internet exposure allowing buyers and agents access to your listing. 
Should you have any questions on listing with MySecretAgent please email or call us.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to List with MySecretAgent

Below is what sets us apart from other Real Estate Companies, Flat Fee Brokers, and For Sale By Owner Sites

#1 - Commission: My Secret Agent is a Flat Fee MLS Real Estate Brokerage and does not collect the customary 3% listing commission. Pay a ONE TIME flat fee to get your home on the MLS for local and national Internet exposure to all buyers and agents. Our discount MLS listing service and our discount real estate service will save homeowners thousands in real estate commissions.

#2 - Customer Service: We answer our phones and emails promptly, no phone maze! Our professional, licensed staff is ready to answer any real estate questions to make selling your own home easy. We have worked with Traditional home sellers and For Sale by Owner sellers (FSBO) for many years. We have a great reputation of being helpful and informative. Please call with any questions regarding our discount real estate service. Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday 9am-7pm.

#3 - Internet Exposure: Our Internet Exposure is not limited by price. Listing with, a leading Flat Fee MLS Real Estate Brokerage, will give all sellers Local and National Internet exposure by utilizing the MLS and other major Real Estate sites. Don’t settle with other FSBO listing sites or flat fee brokerages that limit the exposure based on price. All our listings will be displayed on your local MLS,, and many more…

#4 - 24 Hour Listing Access: We offer 24 hour access to a secure online account that allows traditional home sellers and FSBO sellers to be in control of their listing. Our sellers may manage the price, photos, description, etc to their listing through our innovative website.

#5 - List Online: Home sellers can choose from our Flat Fee MLS service packages from above and list their home online in one easy step. Once the online listing is completed the documents are emailed instantly. Please see How To List My Home and How it Works for more information.

#6 - Turn-around Time: My Secret Agent will list your house on MLS within hours of receiving your signed documents. All new listings and changes take a few hours to propagate to all local and national real estate websites.

#7 - CMA (Comparative Market Analysis): Upon request, My Secret Agent will provide sellers a free CMA report. We give sellers all the tools to effectively price & sell their home. Other flat fee brokerages, FSBO MLS listing and FSBO listing sites, do not offer professional market analysis. Majority of for sale by owner listing sites do not offer a CMA, thus making it difficult for sellers to effectively price their home for the best result.

#8 - Post & Sign: My Secret Agent offers more than just a listing on the MLS. With our Extended and Full Packages we provide a custom sign and post. Our CUSTOM sign has the owner’s phone number and MLS# printed on directly! NOT with a marker! This provides consumer confidence that your home is listed professionally.

#9 - Tools: We offer the same tools that any traditional agent would in selling a home: Electronic MLS Key Boxes, All Documents, Signage, Flyers, CMA, Assistance from licensed MLS agents, and much more… Many for sale by owner listing sites do not provide these tools.

#10 - Knowledgeable Staff: My Secret Agent strives to serve For Sale by Owner and Traditional home sellers through knowledge, service, marketing and support. We look over all documents prior to listing your home on the MLS to ensure accuracy and the best outcome.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tips on Holding a "For Sale By Owner" Open House

Open houses can be overwhelming when hosting them yourself. Traditionally, an agent will host them and report back to the seller with feedback. When holding a "For Sale By Owner" open house you are doing the work the agent would normally do. Besides, who knows a home better then you anyway?  With these easy steps you can host your own open house and hopefully find a buyer.

  • Advertise- Open Houses are typically on Saturday and/or Sundays from 1-4PM. Advertise your open house on various websites such as Craigslist, Zillow and MLS. Another great avenue is making fliers stating an open house and placing them in a flier box outside your home. For your convenience, we have open house signs and directional signs available.  
  • Competition- By now, you should know what homes are on the market and what your competition is. As a seller, you should know how your home is better that the rest. For example, price, size, upgrades, etc. You should this information to your advantage to up sell your home. Selling your home with a discounted real estate brokerage, such as MySecretAgent, you are saving 3% and possibly more (if the buyer is not using an agent) so you have more room to negotiate the selling price. Use this as a leverage against your competition. 
  • Flier- It is important that potential buyers and buyer's agent leave with a flier in there hand. Leaving with a flier will remind them of your home and the features it has. This will keep the information fresh in the head.
  • Stage- Stage your home to show off the features. For some simple steps please refer to our Home Selling Tips
  • Follow Up-  Finally, ask for feedback. Ask what each buyer thought of your home and would they consider buying it. Have a feedback form available for buyers to fill it out. This way you will get direct, honest feedback.
Sample of MySecretAgent's FeedBack Form

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tips on Marketing Your Home

MySecretAgent is dedicated to provide information to help sell their home. Below you will find tips when listing your home. Read more for more information.

No Photos: Typically a seller should use at least 8-10 photos to showcase the property in the best possible way. If a listing has no, or to few, photos it may discourage a buyer to look any further. Remember- you only have one time to make a great first impression. Use photos that will highlight your property. The right advertising will help your home sell faster. 

Lack of Transaction Details: It is a good idea to identify the third party that is involved in the negotiation process.

Hyberbole: Claiming your property as "the best on the street" may be a little to outlandish of a statement and turn away buyers. Try to use description that will flatter your property without using such an overstated description.

Should you have any questions on how to price, market or list your home please contact our knowledgeable staff.