Friday, January 18, 2013

Real Estate's Magic Words

The right phrasing in real-estate listings can speed a sale and even boost the final price. Can you believe that using the word "beautiful" to describe your home can add 15% to the selling price! Homes that are described as “good-value” sold for 5% less than average. Listings praising the “landscaping” sell 20% faster and homes in “move in condition” are sold 12% faster. 

When making a listing make sure the marketing remarks you use are well written and describes the positive aspects of the home in an affective manner. A good rule-of-thumb to live by is the listing language should be extravagant in order to stir up desire to see the home and showcase the features the buyer is interested in rather than your motivations for wanting to sell.

Using "magic words" to describe your home is key. When describing how wonderful and beautiful your listing is making sure to highlight the features your home has to offer.


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