Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tips on Staging a House to Sell

A staged, clean and clutter free home can make a huge difference between a quick sale, and a house that stays on the market for months. Here a few tips to help you sell your home quickly.  

De-Clutter: You want a prospective buyer to imagine themselves living  in your space. It is easier to do this when they don't see all your family portraits above the fireplace mantel. Get rid of anything that makes to room less attractive. You want to sell your space as roomy and beautiful. Organize the shoe closet, pantry, etc so when a buyer tours your home they notice the ample storage your home has to offer. 

Clean: The next step to staging your home is to clean, clean, clean. A clean home makes buyers think it is well mantained. The less a buyer has to do the better! This is a huge selling point. 

Stage: The final and last step into staging your home is to.. stage it. After you have de-cluttered the space and cleaned it you will have more room to move stuff around to highlight the selling points. 

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