Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Home Improvments to Entice a Buyer For Your Home

 You only have one time to make an amazing first impression. Follow the 5 tips below to entice buyers:

Space-  Re-evaluate room use: A rarely used guest bedroom can be converted into a den or office space. Fill in empty corners: Place a large potted tree in the corner. Lighten up the corner by positioning a canister light on the floor behind the plant, pointing upwards into the plant or toward the ceiling.

Flow- Make it easy for buyers to walk through your home with flow. Rearrange furniture to make the walk easy from the door to a window in the master suite or from the hallway to a living-room sofa.

Focal Points-   Reds and yellows are “advancing” colors; blues and greens are “receding” ones. Remember that, and you’ll be able to control your audience’s gaze. Elegant granite countertop? Place a bowl of red peppers on top. Beautiful fireplace? Hang a yellow painting above it. Dreary corner? Put a plant there.

Lighting- R
eplace stark daylight bulbs in the bathrooms with warmer ones, especially near mirrors.

Quiet The Set- Don’t distract your audience with creaky doors or floors. A noisy set makes people question the integrity of what they’re seeing.  

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