Monday, December 5, 2011

Tips on Holding a "For Sale By Owner" Open House

Open houses can be overwhelming when hosting them yourself. Traditionally, an agent will host them and report back to the seller with feedback. When holding a "For Sale By Owner" open house you are doing the work the agent would normally do. Besides, who knows a home better then you anyway?  With these easy steps you can host your own open house and hopefully find a buyer.

  • Advertise- Open Houses are typically on Saturday and/or Sundays from 1-4PM. Advertise your open house on various websites such as Craigslist, Zillow and MLS. Another great avenue is making fliers stating an open house and placing them in a flier box outside your home. For your convenience, we have open house signs and directional signs available.  
  • Competition- By now, you should know what homes are on the market and what your competition is. As a seller, you should know how your home is better that the rest. For example, price, size, upgrades, etc. You should this information to your advantage to up sell your home. Selling your home with a discounted real estate brokerage, such as MySecretAgent, you are saving 3% and possibly more (if the buyer is not using an agent) so you have more room to negotiate the selling price. Use this as a leverage against your competition. 
  • Flier- It is important that potential buyers and buyer's agent leave with a flier in there hand. Leaving with a flier will remind them of your home and the features it has. This will keep the information fresh in the head.
  • Stage- Stage your home to show off the features. For some simple steps please refer to our Home Selling Tips
  • Follow Up-  Finally, ask for feedback. Ask what each buyer thought of your home and would they consider buying it. Have a feedback form available for buyers to fill it out. This way you will get direct, honest feedback.
Sample of MySecretAgent's FeedBack Form


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