Friday, November 11, 2011

Why List Your Home During the Holidays

There are MANY benefits to listing your home during the Holidays.

The first and most important reason is less competition. Most people delay listing their property after the holiday season thus facing a much larger competition. Additionally, because there are fewer alternatives available to a buyer you are more likely to sell for a better price.
Serious buyers are looking. Buyers looking for homes in December often have an imperative reason behind their search and are more likely to purchase a home than those looking during the summer months.
Your home is ready to show. Homes often look the best during the holidays because it is already clean and decorated for holiday entertaining. As homeowners prepare for holiday parties and visiting friends and family it should be easier to get your home ready for a showing.
Quick closings. Buyers are more likely to close on a home before the New Year, as they want to claim the mortgage deduction on their tax return. As a homeowner you can use this fact to press a buyer into a quicker deal.

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