Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Sets MySecretAgent Apart

MySecretAgent allows savvy homeowners to sell there home without paying a listing commission fee. We provide the tools to effectively sell your home and maximize your profit. See what sets MySecretAgent apart from other flat fee brokerages:

24 Hour Access: We allow a homeowner to be in control of their listing 24 hours a day. You can change the price, photos, description, etc any time. With our Full Package all changes are free.
List Online: We make it easy to list in ONE easy step. Once list you list online all documents are emailed to you automatically. Please look over our “ How To List My Home” article for more info on listing online.
Turn- around Time: MySecretAgent will list you by the next business day we receive signed documents.
Customer Service: We answer our phone calls! Our staff is available to answer any questions you should have. We have a great reputation in being helpful and informative. Our business hours are Monday- Friday 9am-7pm.
Knowledgeable Staff: MySecretAgent strives to serve our clients through superior knowledge, service and support. We look over all documents prior to listings on the MLS to ensure the best chances in selling your home with us.
Internet Exposure: Listing with MySecretAgent will give all sellers local and National Internet exposure. All listings will be displayed on and more.
Post & Sign: MySecretAgent does more than list you on the MLS. With our Extended and Full Packages we offer a custom sign and post. The post is installed by the next business day of receiving signed documents. Our CUSTOM sign has your phone number and MLS# printed directly on it!
Commission: MySecretAgent does not collect commission even if the buyer comes to us first. We ALWAYS send sellers any leads without any hesitation.
Leads: If a buyer and/or agent come to MySecretAgent first we ALWAYS send the seller the leads. We feature ALL listings on our website with the sellers email and phone number.
CMA: Upon request, MySecretAgent will send sellers a free report on the recent activity in their neighborhood. We give sellers all the tools to effectively sell their home.
Tools: We offer the same tools any traditional agent would offer in selling a home. You many choose as many tools you feel will help sell your home.
MLS: Your property will be listed on the local MLS allowing access to all licensed agents. The property will propagate to local and national websites for extra Internet exposure.
Documents: Upon request, MySecretAgent offers a purchase and sales contract in case the buyer does not have one.
Effective: MySecretAgent makes listing your home as effective as possible- from the 24 hour access to your account, listing tools and knowledgeable staff. We are dedicated to offer professional services to help you sell your home, but most importantly maximize your profit.
We at strive to serve our clients through superior knowledge, service and support. Whether you are already a client, or you are a homeowner who is interested in our services, we are here to answer any questions via phone or Email.

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