Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Importance of Listing Photos

See this house? It languished on the Orlando market for 224 days. It’s no wonder; right? That photo doesn’t exactly scream “you’ve gotta see me!”. Full Article
That’s before professional photographer Harry Lim was called by the home’s new listing agent — one who understands the importance of professional photography for his listings.
“I shot it on February 28 and delivered the images the next day on March 1,” said Lim. 
“On March 10 he told me a buyer had made an offer. So by my calculation, I believe the contract came in sometime between March 1 and March 9. To put it another way, after almost 8 months on the market, the home was under contract within 8 days after I took new photos.”
Lim is quick to give credit to the REALTOR® for the sale, but adds, “I have no doubt the photos helped. Take a look at some before and after shots.” 

Living room:

Lim says, “For the living room shot, my original composition was a little tighter. The REALTOR® asked me to pull back a little to show the hallway. I took his suggestion and I like it. It open up the room and gives you an idea of the space.”


Dining room:

“This is the second angle of the dining room. The first was a head on shot but this one shows you where the foyer and room off to the left.”


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