Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 4 Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

What’s the secret to a successful kitchen remodel? Knowing what mistakes to avoid! Almost everyone who has been through a remodel has a war story to share about what they’d do differently. Whether it’s the neighbor’s never-ending remodel, or the friend of a friend whose contractor couldn't get along with the architect, keep your dream kitchen from becoming a nightmare by protecting yourself from these common first-timer mistakes. Full Article

Mistake #1: Micro Before Macro 
While it may be true that your appliances are dated or that your counter tops are unattractive, most people don’t focus enough on the big picture. It’s essential that you determine the lifestyle objectives you want your kitchen to hone before you choose its design elements. 

Mistake #2: Thinking Fad, not Function
The average kitchen renovation should last 12-15 years, so the last thing you want is for it to feel dated before it’s even paid for. 

Mistake #3: Not Hiring Multiple Professionals
People often think that doing it yourself is the cheapest route. Not so! Varying aspects of the kitchen require professionals with specific expertise. A kitchen designer is not an architect, an architect is not an interior designer, and a contractor is not a kitchen designer. Hire skilled (and licensed) professionals who not only understands lead times for your selections but can also test-drive your budget to make sure it’s sustainable.

Mistake #4: Letting a Contractor or Design Professional Make Decisions For You
Although it’s tempting to delegate all decisions to the experts (decision-making fatigue is quite common in kitchen renovations!), ultimately it’s the homeowners who best understand their own habits. Is the kitchen also your home office, or do you include the kids in dinner preparations? 

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