Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Mistakes To Avoid

Selling a home by owner isn't as difficult as it seems. Below are the top three mistakes to avoid when selling your home. If you follow the tips along with the service MySecretAgent, a top flat fee and "For Sale By Owner" Brokerage, provides you will have no trouble selling your home.

  1. Price Your Home Right: The worst thing you can do is over price your home. You will lose out on many potential buyers. I get all the time from sellers that the listing price is negotiable but you don't want to scare any buyers away from over pricing your home.  Besides you are saving on a listing commission fee so you have more room to negotiate. 
  2. Buyer's Agent Commission: You want everyone to promote and show your home so don't skimp out on the buyer's agent commission. 
  3. KeyBox: A keybox will make it easier for agents to show your home. 

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